Jin Releases His Single “This Night” for BTS’ 6th Anniversary Festa

On 26th May, Big Hit released the trailer video for BTS’ sixth anniversary Festa. Every year, BTS celebrate their debut anniversary with ARMYs by releasing a series of content, ranging from photos to choreography videos and collaborative tracks.

The last few Festas gave us stunning covers including the vocal line’s cover of “So Far Away” and amazing collaborative tracks like “Ddaeng.” This year, Big Hit released the following schedule:

June 3: Family Portrait #1

June 4: BTS Photo Collection 18/19 & “ANPANMAN” by BTS

June 5: By Jin

June 7: BTS Choreography Video #1

June 8: Bangtan News

June 9: BTS Choreography Video #2

June 10: Family Portrait #2

June 11: “Euphoria” (piano ver.)

June 12: BTS Profile

June 13: Bangtan Attic

This Festa kicked off with the release of family portraits and concept photos. Shared by the label, the pictures provided a perfect summary of septet’s journey, both in terms of music and success. Merging the concepts of different solo tracks by the individual members, the members recreated the narratives around their singles. The pictures also recreated the moments of achievements for the group, sharing their photos during the awards and the red carpets.

Now, Jin has released his single on SoundCloud. Titled “This Night”, the song is the first piece penned entirely by the artist himself. Announced through Fan Cafe, the song was accompanied by the note from Jin wherein he mentioned that his song is dedicated to his pet. In the month of March, Jin shared the news of his pet Odeng passing away due to an injury. On the broadcasting app VLive, Jin said,

“Not a long time ago, Odeng fell down from the bridge in his cage. He slipped and fell from the height. The doctor said that he might be okay if the bridge was not that high.”

The heart-wrenching single talks about the fear of loss of loved ones. Putting forth an individual’s apprehension, the song transitions from Jin’s reflection to his acceptance that he will now have to live with the memories of the lost ones.

The lo-fi ballad music blends beautifully with Jin’s airy vocals, enhancing the emotional appeal of the single. Jin’s vocal range allows him to navigate smoothly between multiple notes, offering the single with a variety of flavours.

Over the years, Jin had released mesmerising tracks, showcasing his vast vocal range and progression as an artist. Joining BTS without any prior experience as a vocalist, Jin’s journey is both jaw-dropping and an inspiration. The new song offers another example of his perseverance and talent.

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On June 13th, BTS will be celebrating their sixth anniversary. Debuting in the year 2013, the septet has released six studio albums, five compilation albums, six extended plays and three single albums, but the numbers do not justify the impact this South Korean group has made in the industry.

One of the most successful debuts of the decade, BTS’ influence expands beyond music, with countries, brands, and organizations benefiting monetarily through their association with the boys made evident from a recent advertising campaign launched by Hyundai and the reports released detailing out their economic impact.

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