Joe Lycett’s cheeky approach to paying a fine

Comedian Joe Lycett has recently bagged himself another parking fine and, once again, reacted with a cheeky approach.

When in Leeds on Friday, 9 June, Joe received a £30 fine for parking in a bus lane. However, instead of paying the fine in the usual way of £10 notes, he managed to get away with sending 150 20 p coins!

Joe Lycett pays a parking fine in the best way possible 1

With the coins, the 27-year-old also left a Euro 2016 football sticker and a lovely note reading:

‘Dear Leeds Parking Services,
Please find enclosed £30 payment for my recent violation of a bus lane (fine reference).
Please also find a Euro 2016 sticker for Portuguese player Bernardo Silva.
All my love, Joe Lycett x’


Joe Lycett pays a parking fine in the best way possible 2

This isn’t the only time Joe has received a parking fine and reacted in a silly manner. On ‘8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown’ he shares his experience with another parking fine service in which he sends a number of ironic emails to the council after they accuse him of parking in a taxi rank.

“I see that the evidence is nothing more than a picture of the words ‘taxi rank’ written on my car,” he says. “I would argue that this evidence is insufficient.”

He then shares a similar photo with the words the moon’ written on the car window saying: “I was actually parked on the moon as you can see clearly.”

Watch the story of this fine here:

Both of his inventive ways to react to a parking fine have since went viral.

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Written by CelebMix