DISCOVER: JoJo Turns Negativity Into Art With New Single And Music Video “Joanna”

It’s rare that an artist will use the negativity they receive and turn into something fantastic and positive, but that is exactly what JoJo has done with her new single and music video, “Joanna”, and it certainly is fierce! This release follows up her feature on Jacob Collier’s single “It Don’t Matter”.

The song has been written by Joanna Levesque, Natalie Dunn, Rebekah Muhammad, and Jeff Gitelman. It is a non-album single and the first release on her independent record label, Clover Music, in a joint deal with Warner Bros. Records. As for the music video, it has been directed by Se Oh.

The song is a laid-back R&B track, that takes plenty of negative comments that JoJo has received in the past couple of years or so, and transformed them into a third-person narrative track. JoJo sings with her amazing vocal ability, unfazed with the comments that she’s singing but still, you can still hear her sneer at those opinions of her.

It’s a shocking realisation of not only cancel culture but cyberbullying that stars receive. You can either take on those comments, allow it to pull you down, or rise above them. JoJo interpreting them into this awesome song is not only hard-hitting but also allows her to showcase how strong she really is, how much of a good place she is in now, and that she won’t let these words hurt her, in fact, she welcomes them and turns them into a piece of art – talk about throwing it back in their faces.

Watch JoJo’s Music Video To “Joanna” Here:

The music video plays on this theme, JoJo can be seen standing in the lobby of a theatre, where a bunch of fans rush pass her to greet a celebrity who is getting out of a car, completely disregarding JoJo as if she’s not there. Instead of actually caring about this, JoJo sings her song and shows how happy she is now, especially since she’s releasing the music she wants to rather than not being able to release music – yes, people, that’s where she’s been for all those years, stuck in a record contract, unable to release music even though she had been recording and creating music as well as submitting albums to that record label. Now free, she’s doing what she wants to do, and that cheeky wink at the end of the music video just proves that these words don’t affect her in the slightest.

Listen To JoJo’s Single “Joanna” Here:

“Joanna” is available to download and stream now, via Warner Records Inc. She also recently re-recorded her first two albums, JoJo and The High Road, as well as singles “Demonstrate” and “Disaster”, after they were no longer available to download and stream and her record label – who she had conflict with since they wouldn’t release a third JoJo album – took them down. That label owns the master licensing to the original recordings and has control over its release, and so JoJo re-recorded her previous music and released them under her record label, Clover Music.

She has also announced that her first single from her forthcoming fourth studio album will be titled “Sabotage” and will feature Chika. She also can be seen on UK Television, as she appears as one of the guests on The X Factor Celebrity, at Simon Cowell’s house – she’s seen in short clips during performances or in the background during the judges’ comments.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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