Jooheon releases debut EP “DWTD” and the music video for his single “Red Carpet”

Monsta X’s rapper Jooheon has released his debut EP “DWTD” accompanied by the music video for “Red Carpet”.  Both the EP and the music video were released on August 31st, 2018. DWTD comprises of 5 tracks and is co-produced by BOYCOLD, DAKSHOOD, Yeyo, and 9f; who are all long companions of Jooheon. While a solo EP is definitely a new project for the artist, it isn’t the only one. Prior to his debut with Monsta X, Jooheon had collaborated with artists and released several mixtapes. With DWTD, Jooheon takes a new step towards his artistic endeavors.

Talking about his new EP, Jooheon said,

“I try to express the life that I’m living these days and thirst and passion about rapping”. He emphasized that he wants to express, and show the world, everything about himself as a person, rapper, and member of Monsta X.

When compared with his earlier rap tracks, “Red Carpet” shows artist’s evolution as a rapper and a performer. The music video features “spaces” that resonates with galleries and museums. The first shot is of Jooheon being drawn by an artwork. The aesthetic appeal of the video is the result of the beautiful and colorful sets that have been brilliantly used to showcase the concept. Lyrically, the song is an ode to an individual’s beauty that goes beyond the appreciation of physical traits. “Red Carpet” talks about the protagonist’s admiration for the individual whose charm lies in the colors that she constitutes.

The way Jooheon has appreciated the character in the song is quite commendable. There is a fine line between admiration and objectification and the rapper has made a note of sticking to the former.

Till now,  2018 has been a good time for both Monsta X and their fans. The boys recently finished up their 7-stop stateside tour dates, amassing attention from notable media outlets. They’ve spent 38 consecutive weeks on the Billboard Social 50 chart above U.S artists such as Post Malone, Kanye West and more. The Connect: Dejavu, their most recent album, also found itself atop 2 of Billboard’s major charts; Heatseekers at #8, World Albums at #2.

DWTD is out and can be streamed on all the major music streaming platforms including iTunesSpotify, and Soundcloud.

It will be interesting to see how fans respond to Jooheon’s new EP. Did you get a chance to listen to it? Share your thoughts via tweet @CelebMix. Check out CelebMix’s interview with Monsta X.

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