Jordan Bolch – Featuring a groovy beat that enthralled the Audience

Have you ever got so entranced by listening to an overwhelming song? The songs that are extremely catchy to hear, get you to smile, sway, head-bopping, move, grooving. Your energy increases as you continue to enjoy the tune and rhythm. The incredible performance of the astounding singer, Jordan Bolch has captivated the audience by dishing out brilliant and lively tracks in eclectic genres. Jordan’s voice sparkles atop along with strong and familiar drumline beats that take you away.  The powerful melody and high-intensity tone create moods.

Jordan Bolch, Atlanta’s emerging singer, and songwriter is considered one of the voices of his generation. At the young age of 33, Jordan is recognized as a dynamic start in the pop industry. Making his musical debut in the year 2015, Jordan Bolch has come up with exquisite tracks like ‘Blow up the Room’, ‘Touch the Sky’, ‘My Love’, ‘Keep It Rocking’, and ‘Dance Around’. These songs have created a niche for him by putting together catchy vibes along with sounds of different genres. Jordan’s fascinating musical track brings together genres like Pop/Rock, Rap and electronic, and hip hop that create a new and unique musical genre. In the 21st century, Billy Joel has brought musical diversity. He has produced mind-blowing tracks in various genres that outclass other singers due to their originality and uniqueness.


Jordan Bolch uses Modern Musical Genres and Styles 

Beginning his career with his first album Slide, Jordan Bolch has used the modern styles and modes of music that makes him a versatile singer. Having a lustful voice, he uses different styles that give more technical ideals to transform his singing style. As a professional singer, Jordan knows how to attract the audience from the beginning of the song.  He uses choppy rhymes, catchy wordplay, and powerful and attention-grabbing lyrics that play a key part in captivating the music fans and also creating a successful song. He maintains resonance and focus and provides a starting point for transforming the voice to meet the stylistic demands of any genre. By employing a resonant, minimally vibrated, and balanced sound, Jordan possesses the capacity to stylistically unbalance his voice to give a unique effect to his singing. His first album, Slide is a masterpiece, the quality of the musical genre is superb, and the clarity and quality of each mix are remarkable and perfect. The songs portray perfect pitch and harmonious music amazes the supporters of Jordan. The first song, Desperado begins like a Quentin Tarantino movie soundtrack and then Jordan stuns the audience through a modern epic story of a female outlaw all while singing the blues.

The musical track of Jordan includes genres of popular music used by contemporary pop musicians. The rock classics like Billy Joel, The Beach Boys, Elvis, and Paul McCartney to pop musical performers like Justin Timberlake, Pharrell Williams, Timbaland, and Michael Jackson used rock and roll style, Rap, and hip-hop. The musical fans of Jordan find the specific musical techniques in his songs. He uses the drum/percussion layers, orchestration, bass section, brass, and woodwinds. While his songs comprise Rock and Roll music, a fusion of Pop, R&B, and Electronic and Dance Music.

Jordan Bolch employed rap and hip-hop music.  The rapcore components used by Jordan comprise beats, rhymes, lyrics, and vocal tone that maintain the flow of words. The up-tempo voice nearly influences the young audience to move in time with the music.  He employs harsh shouts or smooth flourishes depending on the creative needs of the song. Rap beats are created through instruments such as drum machines, the keyboard, pianos, turntables, and samplers. 

Jordan has tested all the instruments while making recordings. He starts by playing it on the piano first and later changing it to electronic music which has a bass section, drum layers, brass, orchestration, and woodwinds.   The synthetic drums dominate the sounds heard in hip hop, pop music, and dance music. Moreover, turntables assist him in operating the sound to create various perspectives of music. The greatest hip-hop songs of Jordan have the power to increase energy and excitement in the audience. Consequently, these instruments have helped Jordan to bring revolution in music and produce the best hip hop music for young music fans. 

It all takes the music fans to scroll the YouTube page of Jordan Bolch to see how this emerging singer is changing the face of pop music. Using both digital and analog innovations, his music is both contemporary and reminiscent of late 90’s rap music, demonstrating a great diversity in music genres. He inspires his fans by launching ‘Worldwide Remixes’, a compilation of songs that communicate deep thoughts and change emotions. The latest album, ‘World Tour’ is a compilation of 13 songs that shows versatility in pop music.


Jordan Bolch enjoys hosting events and performing live.  The live music concert in Jordan includes modern instruments and digital technologies such as computer software that has changed the game of rap music. By using software such as Ableton Live or Apple’s Logic Pro X, Jordan put their beats and music together. The mixing and match of the beats help him to produce unique tracks. Moreover, computer technology also allows hip hop singers to fit samples, beats, vocals, and turntabling into one cohesive song, making unique and marvelous recordings.

Jordan Bolch continues to entertain the fans.  Due to the lockdowns the past year and this year, it was difficult to host any life event. However, Jordan took the initiative to organize a concert and small gatherings, in an open-air environment. Bolch and his team have decided that his fans need a day out too. That is why when E11EVEN Beach Club hosts the adult-only, Water Park Festival this fall in Orlando, Jordan gave an outstanding performance for all of his fans.

Jordan after taking a short break from music due to COVID 19 pandemics is now back with another hit “You Got Me”. A new music video for the song “Centerfold”   is releasing soon that contains the signature elements of Jordan with a groove to it. He is also working on some more new beats and releases that will surely win several hearts!

Holding the abilities as a singer recording artist, Jordan Bolch is also a songwriter. He has written the commercial jingle for premium water brand, Le Bleu, based in Advance, NC.  Jordan serves on the board of directors for RaceTrac Petroleum, Inc.

The fans expect masterclass performances from Jordan Bolch. The songs have a captivating groove with absorbing flickers of instrumentation. There is a marvelous clap of the beat in all the songs that enthralled the music lovers. Jordan Bolch has several popular music videos, each garnering over 1 million views, and the numbers continue to rise as his fame spreads Jordan’s tunes and music portray a lively party scenario, which goes well with the rhythm of his songs. He has made a name for himself through originality and artistry, he sings with a high-intensity shimmery soulful voice that touches the heart and captivates musical fans. The musician ceaselessly plans to bring new pleasant hits, unique tunes, and better mixes in his future that will create incredible music, and get larger audiences engaged. This will further help him to redefine his success in music, and will open more vistas of success and soaring heights in the world of pop.


Written by Monella