Jorgie and Lady C complete the first stomach churning bushtucker trial!

The beautiful Hollyoaks star Jorgie Porter and fiery socialite Lady Colin Campbell were the first two campmates to dig into I’m a celeb’s first bushtucker trial, “Disaster Chef”.

You can take the lady out of Kennington but keeping it classy in the jungle, Lady C stated that “If I’d had known it were food, I’d have worn my pearls.” Then praising Jorgie and requesting her champagne before proceeding to elegantly finish off four LIVE crickets using cutlery, how apt!

During the first episode of this year’s I’m A Celebrity, we hear Jorgie bravely announcing “I will eat willy, I will eat balls.” And that’s exactly what she did with a portion of croc penis and actually enjoyed it! However the same cannot be said for the rest of her meals of fish eyes and beach worms which involved some very interesting facial expressions and rather violent hand gestures. We think that these girls with iron stomachs are ones to watch in future trials; after winning 10 stars and 10 meals for camp, they’ve definitely done themselves proud but we’d rather believe Lady C that camel lips are best served “al dente” than try it for ourselves.

Keep watching tonight to see how the camp mates get on with their second bushtucker trail!

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Written by CelebMix