Josh Collins Releases Music Video for "Hold You Back"

Josh Collins Releases Music Video for “Hold You Back”

Where do you go when you need peace of mind? In Josh Collin’s music video for “Hold You Back,” he escapes the world by exploring nature’s trees, roads, and mountains at Lake District, a beautiful national park located in Northwest England. No matter where you go to escape, according to Josh, a change of perspective can be just what you needed.

Throughout the music video directed by Tom Precey, Yannick Hausler, and Molly Tebbutt, Josh clears his head by as he explores Lake District. With raw lyrics like, “She don’t take no sugar in her tea / She already takes so sweet to me / Nostalgic can be bitter like an old loves kiss / I feel lucky than the rain I missed today  / But I don’t want to hold you back,” and “I’m not funny but she loves my jokes,” Josh’s voice and storytelling touches your heart.

The video and lyrics for “Hold You Back” tells the story of Josh eventually realizing that he needs to embrace the path he’s on. By the end, he accepts that his journey is not as bad as he thought. He learns that there’s no point in trying to hold someone back from going on the way they feel they need to go on, even if it isn’t without him.

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