Why Josh Gray is Your Perfect Valentine

Since Valentine’s Day is almost here, it’s safe to say us singletons dream of who our perfect Valentine would be. Even if you’re not single, we all have our dream date. Here we have 1/6 of upcoming boyband, HomeTown, and why we think Josh Gray would be an amazing Valentine!

5. He loves Marvel 

I bet you’re all now asking yourselves, ‘why would someone loving Marvel make them an amazing Valentine?‘. Well, the answer is easy, Marvel provides us with superheroes as well as the dreaded villains. Josh Gray could potentially be your superhero and whisk you off your feet. If you’re strong and independent and don’t need whisking off your feet, you can get on the sofa and watch a movie. Spider-Man and popcorn, anyone?

4. He’s an amazing big brother

Josh is family centric and to say he loves his family would be an understatement. Josh has a younger sister called Alex who he often takes on day trips out and commends her achievements on Twitter showing to the world that he is incredibly proud of her.

It was only at Christmas he took her on a day out and posted this on his Instagram making all our hearts melt.


And late last year, she won her first fight. Give us one minute while we cry because of how cute this is.

Oh and while we’re whipping out the tweets and Instagram posts, look at what Alex bought for him.

What’s better than a guy who’s incredibly good with children? Nothing.

3. He’s a huge fan of Justin Timberlake

What else is there to say? Imagine having a Valentine, that would be open to go to a Justin Timberlake concert with you or to sit and watch a Justin Timberlake movie with you.5 Reasons Why Josh Gray Would 2While on the subject of Justin Timberlake, imagine him serenading you to a JT classic. Enough said.

2. His vocal capability is insane

Of course, when you’re in a boyband, you’re expected to have the capability to sing amongst the other members. Josh Gray’s vocal capability is above and beyond. Josh did a YouNow at the end of last month and did a small acoustic cover of Justin Bieber’s Sorry.

A fan got it on record and uploaded it onto YouTube for us all to rewatch and for all you lovely people to see how good his vocals are. Definitely worth being anybody’s Valentine.

1. He keeps fit.

Now before we get ahead of ourselves on the final point, it’s important for you to know that by him keeping fit means he has the motivation to prioritise things that are important to him. If he’s got the motivation to do something for himself then he will help you get the motivation to do something for yourself too.

5 Reasons Why Josh Gray Would Make A Great Valentine 1

It’s important to strive for goals and it’s important to have the motivation to do so. It potentially could be a teamwork between you both, you could go for hikes or runs together and become a power couple.

We’re going to leave it at that. What could you want more than someone who loves superheroes, idolizes Justin Timberlake, has an amazing voice, keeps fit and is good with children? If you can think of anything else, make sure to leave us a comment in the box below or tweet us at @CelebMix.

Written by CelebMix