Judge Dredd, 2000AD’s most notorious comic book character is notorious for being in live-action limbo, which is precisely where he finds himself today! Dredd is also credited as being Britain’s most well-known comic book creation, which is not bad considering he has had two Hollywood movies and a still relatively unknown Indie animated flick made after him called ‘Judge Dredd: Superfiend.’

However, despite his fan-favourite ‘good-judge gone bad’ attitude, Joseph Dredd’s current on-screen future is still in limbo or what is more commonly referred to as ‘development hell.’ News of a television show on Netflix has been surfacing but the heavy rumours so far appear to be nothing concrete.

Although the Karl Urban 2012 film quenched the thirst of 2000AD’s most avid readers, the modest budget blockbuster failed to draw in the numbers at the box office resulting in a cancelled sequel which ended up serving as the graphic novel ‘Dredd: Underbelly.’ At least he kept his helmet on this time and it was better than the first adaptation in the 90’s.

For those of you who have seen Stallone’s 1995 ‘Judge Dredd’ or 2012’s ‘Dredd’ and want another Dredd-tastic experience, then you can check out ‘Judge Dredd: Superfiend’ on Youtube!

You can watch the full free-to-watch movie here.

Let us hope that Judge Dredd does not linger to long in limbo as the living the life of fan petitions is a risky business!

In the mean time, you can catch up with the famous law dishing judge by reading the weekly prog ‘2000AD’ and the aptly named, monthly ‘Judge Dredd Megazine.’

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