Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are homies

In an exclusive interview with Us Weekly, Justin Bieber opened up about his past relationship and now friendship with his first love, Selena Gomez. Speaking to Ian Drew, Justin admitted that he thinks that he and Selena had no idea what they were doing. Justin said that they were “young and we kinda just invested too much of ourselves into each other.” Which is normal for any teenage relationship!

Justin and Selena were on and off for about three years, but he said that he “learned a lot from the relationship. About life, how to treat women, what women want and need. I think a woman needs security,” Justin said. “I think a woman needs to feel that security and know that nothing else matters. I learned that with her.”

Even though Justin and Selena aren’t together right now, he calls Selena his “homey”. He also said that they are friends, but they don’t talk everyday. “But every now and then, she hits my phone up. I hit her phone up, too, I hit her phone up too! It’s not just her, It goes both ways, I was just f*king around.”

Right now, Justin says he is happily single and just trying to focus on his music. “I like a beautiful girl. Who doesn’t?” he said. “I’m not really ready to date right now. I’m just trying to just focus on my music and stuff right now. I’m happily single. Single life is good. It’s not bad at all.”

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Written by CelebMix