Justin Bieber FINALLY Goes Off Private

After taking a 2 week break, Justin Bieber has finally decided to grace us with his presence! Following the drama that unfolded over Instagram just before he made the decision, Justin has kept his pictures hidden from the public, much to the dismay of Beliebers all around the world. Until now, that is! Since his tragic departure from Instagram, fans have been yearning for Justin to return

In the wake of some recent controversies, fans could see Justin’s return to Instagram as almost a gift. Feeling as though they now get to receive a bit more of Justin Bieber than they had before, and no one would be upset about that.

We’re not complaining though, because now that Justin is back, we get to see glorious photos like this again:


And this:


And this!


We don’t really know what made him decide to come back to Instagram, but we’re very happy that he has returned! Instagram is a great way to connect with fans, and now that we have Justin back, we can have that connection again!

While not everyone is aware that Justin has returned yet, the good news is bound to spread like wildfire! Although a few fans have already discovered the wonderful occurrence.

As you’d expect, fans are ecstatic about Justin’s return, here are a few tweets from Beliebers:



We’re no different, we’re just as excited as the fans, and we can’t wait to see what Justin posts from now on. Do you think this could be the start of a happier Justin? Hopefully this return could be the sign of better things from Justin? We guess we’ll wait and see!

What do you think? Are you happy about Justin reactivating? Will you be following him? Do you already follow him? Let us know by tweeting us @CelebMix!

Written by CelebMix