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Justin Bieber museum exhibit to open in his hometown

It has been revealed that everything everyone has ever dreamed of, is finally being brought to life. A Justin Bieber exhibit is to be put on at a museum in his hometown of Stratford, Ont.

Stratford Perth Museum’s general manager John Kastner has been collecting things for this new exhibit for a while now, ready for the showcase opening at the museum on 18th February.

The exhibit itself will be called “Steps to Stardom” in a fitting tribute to the young singer’s busking shows on the steps outside the local Avon Theatre. The exhibit will do exactly that, and will focus on the journey to Bieber’s stardom, showcasing his insane success.

In order to create a fulsome showcase of the pop superstar’s career, the museum’s organisers have put all their passion into chasing leads, spending endless nights and days searching the country for special mementos for the exhibition

But what exactly can fans be treated to? They will be able to see an array of spectacular things such as Bieber’s Grammy award, used microphones, Stratford Warriors hockey jacket, personal letters including one from Michelle Obama and many, many more.

The exhibit was put together in co-operation with the star’s grandparents, Diane and Bruce Dale, who also contributed majorly to the exhibit providing piles of boxes of stuff from Bieber’s childhood and career.

We can’t wait to see what the final exhibit looks like, and we think that this is a beautiful tribute to such a talented and contributing music artist of the 21st Century. Are you planning on taking a visit and having a look? Let us know, and of course, send us your pictures over at @CelebMix

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