Justin Bieber’s making a comeback and we’re excited

If you follow Justin Bieber or any Beliebers on any social media you may be extremely confused by everyone constantly asking “what do you mean?” Well I’m sure you’ll be relieved to know, you’re not the only one. In fact, roughly 99% of Beliebers don’t even know exactly what Justin means. However, what we do know is:

  • It’s the name of his first single in three years.
  • It is released on August 28th.
  • Everyone is excited.

He’s also admitted to working a lot in the studio, and revealed that his new single is “up-tempo and along the same lines as ‘Where Are U Now’”.

He announced his highly anticipated new music on Ryan Seacrest’s show “On Air With Ryan Seacrest”. Whilst most Beliebers are understandably thrilled about this announcement, many are experiencing a few problems with his new single. The most obvious being: 30 days is far too long to wait for its release. Even after already surviving 3 years of Bieber-less playlists.

The other being: THE EXTREME CONFUSION. This song is literally tearing friendships apart and sending twitter into frenzied questioning of “what do you mean?”.Justin Bieber Is Making A Comeback 1

Despite his fans struggling to promote the single, Justin seems to have it under control. He’s already had Ryan Seacrest and Ruby Rose promote it, and everyone is obsessed.


Justin Bieber Is Making A Comeback 1You can watch the moment Justin announced his comeback here:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cpYABVfjiw]
Bieber fans are still 100% supporting Justin, in spite of his long absence. This is only what was expected of Beliebers though. We just have one question for you Justin: WHAT DO YOU MEAN?

Written by CelebMix