Kacy Moon Releases Brand New Single “What Do I Do”

This is definitely one of the single releases this week that will slip under your radar, yet it’s one you’re going to need to listen to right this second. Kacy Moon has released a completely incredible track that we haven’t been able to stop listening to. “What Do I Do” needs to be on your playlists.

Kacy Moon, whose full name is Kacy Mooneyham, is a Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter who has been working hard on her career recently. This new single is her follow-up to debut single “Guarded” which she released in back in January 2018. You won’t want to mess with her either, as at the age of five she got into karate – where her love of performing came from – and she went on to be on one of the most sought out karate teams in the world, Mike Chat’s team XMA – alongside actor Taylor Lautner. Before music, she did a bit of acting, but now she’s focusing on music entirely.

This brand new track, “What Do I Do”, is certainly one we can’t get out of our heads, it is currently on repeat and we totally love it. She recorded this track with Szabo who is based in Sydney, Australia. This song is one you won’t want to miss.

Listen To Kacy Moon’s New Single “What Do I Do” Here:

This is rhythmically addicting, if you manage to sit still through this entire track we’ll be shocked because this is one you just have to move to. “What Do I Do” is upbeat and groovy with Szabo completely nailing the backing track – we can so see DJs picking this up as it is and including it in their sets, others may mix it up a little but they will totally love this. We could imagine a fired-up remix package being released because DJs will adore this as much as we do.

As for Kacy Moon, she’s just wow! Her vocals are on point throughout nailing every single word and hitting us in the hearts with her emotion. The song paints a story of having to decide what to do in a relationship, either stay or go; it’s never an easy decision to make and Kacy Moon has effortlessly wrapped it up into a song that we wish we had back when we were making such a decision, because we would’ve been singing this song at the top of our lungs.

“What Do I Do” is available to download and stream right now. Watch out for Kacy Moon, her vocals are pure perfection and her lyrics come from the heart, this is a superstar in the making.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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