Karmacoda Announces The Release Of Their New Album ‘Lessons In Time’

The San Francisco based KARMACODA band announced a release of their brand new album titled ‘Lessons In Time’, out on the 28th of October via Sola Musa Music. ‘Lessons In Time’ is a 13-tracks collection filled with eclectic soulful influences and vibes. Fusing elements of electronica, r&b, rock and pop with a danceable groove KARMACODA shows off their unique style, and genre borderless artistry.

As the press release notes, KARMACODA distils the ephemeral essence of time in fragile glass notes. Inspired by life, each record on Lessons In Time illustrates a new chapter in the band’s journey, telling tales of love found, love lost, or memories gained. Nurturing each delicate moment, the band pieced together an LP that aches with nostalgia, delighting listeners with heart-warming chords and sensual vocals.

Jessica tells us how the LP came to life: “The songs on Lessons In Time were written from reflecting on my life, looking back in time, reliving my best memories. No regrets. These songs are lessons in time. I decided it was time to tell it, not all of it, but some of the more memorable moments while resting in where I am today. I did lots of living, lots. Relationships had; roads travelled. I didn’t want some of my favourite memories to be lost in time. So I decided to relive them by writing about them.”

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Written by Magdalena

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