Kate Nash Releases Fourth Album, ‘Yesterday Was Forever’

Kate Nash has released her fourth album, 'Yesterday Was Forever'

Kate Nash has finally released her highly anticipated fourth album, ‘Yesterday Was Forever’.

The album, which began as a Kickstarter, includes the singles ‘Drink About You‘ and ‘Life In Pink‘, along with twelve other tracks.


The Kickstarter for ‘Yesterday Was Forever’ started just under a year ago, with Nash pledging for financial funds from fans in aid to release the album. She described it as fans ‘acting as her record label’. It also helped her in releasing the fourth album independently, the way she intended.

Also, depending on how much you pledged towards the Kickstarter, you would get an exclusive bundle of ‘Yesterday Was Forever’. Basically, this could’ve included anything from a simple digital download before the album was actually released ($10) to joining the singer-songwriter as she mastered the album in her studio ($5,000)!


If you haven’t been following Nash during her career in the music industry for the past eleven years, you may remember her for the 2007 sleeper hit single, ‘Foundations‘. We covered the single a few weeks ago on our ‘Throwback Thursday’ segment and it’s amazing to see what the singer-songwriter has achieved all by herself since then.

During her early days, Nash signed a record deal with Polydor UK and went on to release her debut album, ‘Made Of Bricks’. The debut album went on to be an international success and even charted at number one in the UK Albums Chart when it was initially released. ‘Made Of Bricks’ reached its 10 year anniversary in 2017 and to celebrate, Nash announced a mini UK/Europe tour along with a re-release of the album on a limited edition pink vinyl pressing.



Back to the current album and it seems Kate Nash is heading back out on the road to support ‘Yesterday Was Forever’. Prior to the album’s release, Nash announced a ‘Yesterday Was Forever’ tour across the U.S & Canada. The singer-songwriter is also set to perform at Leeds Festival 2018.

You can buy tickets for the ‘Yesterday Was Forever’ tour below:


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