Kate Winslet talks Leonardo DiCaprio

Long time friends and former co-stars, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet have made a huge buzz over media when they were spotted talking at the Golden Globe awards. Since then, they’ve been out together to the SAG awards and spoke about each other in a few interviews. In a recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Winslet joked about how Leonardo could have actually fit on the raft. The two actors are still loved to this day and it’s no secret that everyone remembers them as Jack and Rose. Winslet told Kimmel that she finds it so amusing how 20 years later, people still talk about the two characters. She then went on to say that they both have little giggling fits when they see people freaking out about them- how cute is that!

“People are always so excited to see Leo and myself in the same space- which you know at the end of the day, thats so lovely isn’t it?. It’s been 20 years and people still get such an excitement.”



In this weeks issue of People magazine, Winslet opened up about Leo stating, “He’s a solid, loyal person. He’s a great friend, he always has been, and not just to me, but to everyone around him. He still has friends he had when we made Titanic.”

It’s been said that every 10 years Leo and Kate work on a movie together- first it was Titanic, then 10 years later, Revolutionary Road. When DiCaprio was asked if he had any plans on working with Winslet, he replied with “I’d love to but I don’t know… Maybe!”

Well maybe doesn’t mean no! We’d love to see another Kate and Leo movie some time soon, what do you think? Let us know on Twitter @CelebMix!

Written by CelebMix