Katy Perry and Zedd Release New Song ‘365’ on Valentines Day

The “Roar” singer and “Middle” EDM producer released a brand new track right in time for it to be your fave song this Valentine’s Day.

Katy Perry and Zedd have released a new single called “365” as well as an accompanying video.

The song is a featherweight piece of pop-house that luckily does not sound like every other Zedd song the producer has released in recent memory. The sci-fi video, which totally has Black Mirror vibes, sees Perry as a robot (who desperately wants to be a human) and Zedd as her love interest as they try to decipher the thin line between true love/connection and obsession. The song is catchy AF and we can confidently say we’ll have it on a loop this V-Day.

All in all, this little half-comedic fable about a vengeful female robot who goes ballistic when she doesn’t get what she wants from her proverbial man somehow feels a bit untoward in the current cultural climate.

Katy Perry’s last album, Witness, came out in 2017. Her last release before this was “Cozy Little Christmas,” a new original for the 2018 holiday season. Zedd’s last charting single was the Elley Duhé collaboration “Better Now.” Watch the “365” music video below.

Written by Will Heffernan