Katy Tiz returns with ‘Life’ alongside Ed Drewett

Katy Tiz makes a swift comeback on new single ‘Life’ which is dripping of pure pop gold

Katy Tiz is British singer-songwriter who you may remember for her 2015 single, ‘Whistle (While You Work It)’. The single went on to garnish 19 million streams on Spotify and became a staple of Katy Tiz’s musical career. Three years later, Tiz is ready to come back on the music scene after scoring a deal with 5Town Records which has lead to the release of her Ed Drewett assisted single, ‘Life’.

Drewett has worked with some of the biggest names in the modern music industry, from One Direction to Little Mix to Olly Murs and even The Wanted, he has now teamed up with Katy Tiz on co-writing her new single. He also features on the single. The hiatus Tiz has taken from her musical work certainly embodies growth when you contrast the two singles side by side.

Katy Tiz spoke on the inspiration behind the latest single:

“The funny thing about life is that you just have to trust the timing of it. We created “Life” four years ago and I have believed in it ever since. The single shows a different side to me. I had full-on laryngitis when I recorded it, so it’s less polished pop and more of an honest and stripped backtrack. Everyone has felt that heart-wrenching moment when you break up with someone or lose something amazing and you feel like you will have that painful feeling for life. So, I hope you like it and if you don’t, just tell me that you do. Here goes nothing!”

Katy Tiz’s new single, ‘Life’ which features Ed Drewett is available on all platforms now. You can purchase and stream the single here.

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Written by Dominic Beck

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