Kaylee Marshall Releases New Song “Healing”

Los Angeles, California – Writing about the self-work process of coming out of a long term break up, Kaylee Marshall has come to the striking realization that we are each responsible for our own healing process. Fascinated by the intersection between mental health, self-help, religion, and both physical and spiritual healing, Kaylee dives into her own healing process in her premiere single. 

On Jan 5, 2019, Kaylee wrote a note to her fans, describing the song as coming out of “paralyzing heartbreak. Wild/untamed/dangerous pain,” but that in the end we are “created to overcome. Know it. Believe it.” For Kaylee, we must learn to let go in order to heal. 
She further teased the official audio release in a chat with Vents Magazine where she reflected that, 

“I think we think healing just “happens,” but it really requires a deliberate and healthy approach. And I want to put a piece of art out there with a message that will give the same permission to others to heal with purpose and with grace as I’ve given to myself.”

Take a listen to “Healing” below!

Written by Will Heffernan