Promotional photo for "Lose U Now" which sees KEHLI with long black hair posing over her left shoulder in front of a bright pink background. She's wearing a pink velvet tracksuit.

KEHLI drops infectious new single with alt-pop vibes titled “Lose U Now”

Dropping her infectious alternative pop single today is KEHLI who delves in deeply with “Lose U Now”. She’s currently gearing up to release her upcoming debut EP and this awesome release starts her 2023 off brilliantly and allows her to showcase her unforgettable sound to the world. This follows up her 2021 single “Not OK”.

KEHLI, real name Kelly Irwin, is a singer-songwriter from Dublin, Ireland. She’s been making waves over the past few years with her unique alt-pop sound paired with her passionate and driven mentality. She went to stage school from a young age and studied music and dance, at age five, including the likes of contemporary, hip-hop, and ballet. During her teen years, she tried her hand at various talent shows including The X Factor and The Voice UK, which allowed her to gain experience and additional fans. This all led to her building her own path through music and creating the career she wanted. Most recently, she’s gained support from the likes of the UK Official Chart Company, Radio 1, Kiss FM, RTE 2FM, and iRadio. Her 2021 collaboration with 49th & Main, titled “Summer Lovin'” is her most-streamed single on Spotify, with over 1.3 million streams, and her solo singles have been gaining traction with hundreds of thousands of streams on the streaming platform. It’s clear that the future is looking bright for KEHLI, and she’s set to make a massive impact.

Written by Kali Claire Mcloughlin, Kelly Irwin, Maple Goldrush, and Raheem Bale, with the latter songwriter producing the track, “Lose U Now” is an alternative pop track that has commercial vibes running throughout, with driving beats that effortlessly compliments her heartfelt vocals. While the verses bring addictive pop energy, the chorus is where KEHLI really shines from the jaw-dropping emotional vocal runs to the twisty and infectious beats that have a crazy rhythmic melody that is truly going to make this unforgettable.

Talking about “Lose U Now”, KEHLI said: “This track holds so much for me! I’ve had a tough time with love, especially over the pandemic which I’m sure so many others have too but recently, I’ve become a bit more carefree with how I want to love someone! I’m basically sick of worrying too much about love, about him or whatever! I think you can really feel that in this song, I’m a bit more carefree and embracing that ‘whatever!’ feeling especially on the choruses. It’s a feeling of just wanting to let yourself go and finally LOVE! I was anxiety-central before this because I used to second-guess every single move or feeling I had about someone I was interested in. It’s crazy how someone can do that to you especially if they’re giving you mixed signals, which never helps! What’s worse is if, after all that, you still like the person and have that feeling of not wanting to lose them, which I’m sure we can all relate to. Hopefully, you listen to this track and connect to that feeling of letting yourself enjoy love because it is the best feeling to love the right person! Hopefully, I’m getting there!”

Stream “Lose U Now” by KEHLI on Spotify here:

“Lose U Now”, by KEHLI, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via Rough Bones LTD. Look out for her upcoming debut EP – if this single is anything to go by, it’s bound to be an awesome collection of tracks.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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