Kelela Releases ‘Sims-Inspired’ Music Video For ‘Frontline’

Kelela has dropped a music video for her single, ‘Frontline’ and it’s already receiving critical acclaim thanks to its ‘Sims-inspired’ visual!

Kelela has already made heads turn in the industry with her critically acclaimed debut album, ‘Take Me Apart’, which she released in September 2017. The album introduced Kelela into the R&B realm and also saw the artist bring some unique visuals to the table and her latest music video for ‘Frontline’ is no exception.

The ‘Frontline’ music video is visually ‘Sim-inspired’, meaning the entire music video is placed in a reality inspired by the well-known video game, The Sims. We have all played the game for endless hours at some point, proving it is easy to get hooked on the game.

With that being said, some fans have taken to Twitter to share their love for Kelela’s ‘Frontline’ music video and its inspiration taken from The Sims. A fan in particular has said: ‘It’s the video game I’ve always wanted.’

Even the singer herself made fun of her latest music video by calling it ‘memeable’ upon release:

The music video sees Kelela set in a Sims reality walking out on her man, drifting off in a pink and white Mercedes-Benz, hooking up with other men and hanging out with her girls. The idea of all this, is very simplistic yet it just stands out against her peers and their music videos.

If only every artist took a leaf out of Kelela’s book when it comes to producing a music video, we’d live in a world without bad music videos. Other visuals include ‘Blue Light’, which we have looked upon in a previous article. With such talent, at this point Kelela just needs to drop a visual album!

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Written by Dominic Beck

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