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KELLA’s “Wanna Be Bad” Is About To Be Your Next Obsession

KELLA’S latest track is another triumph for pop music. Trust us on this one, it’s that good.

We have already introduced you to one of our favorite up-and-coming artists called KELLA a couple of months ago, when she first broke onto the scene with her debut release “Trainwreck”. We loved -and still adore- the track with its soaring vocals and its euphoric melody. So obviously, we were quite excited when we found out that KELLA has just dropped the follow-up to “Trainwreck”.

Her latest release is titled “Wanna Be Bad” and deals with the “rebellion of the norms that you grow up with“, according to the singer herself. “I am from a conservative area and leaving it to go traveling around the world, you start to realize that the stereotype of good girl, bad guy is true. It’s fun to talk about these emotions”, she further elaborates in a press statement.

The important word for us in this sentence is definitely the “fun” part. If you want to imagine the song now, you only need to underline that word with a red marker and put a slightly more minimalist, Call Me Loop-ish pop beat on top of it that slowly but gradually starts to build up and unfold. Add some “naughty but nice” and a lot of KELLA’s crystal-clear vocals. And voila, you have “Wanna Be Bad”.

Basically, what we are trying to say here, is that “Wanna Be Bad” is good. It is not only good but also extremely catchy and well-crafted. It is the kind of song that quietly sneaks itself into your head and keeps bopping along until you are able to sing along to it word for word. “Wanna Be Bad” is as sweet and irresistible as candy and perfectly extends KELLA’s track record for crafting A+ pop music.

Listen to the track right here if you want to convince yourself:

Watch the lyric video right here:

“Wanna Be Bad” was recorded and produced with the help of Johannes Andersson, who also assisted in crafting the sound of KELLA’s debut. The track was written with Sophie White and Drifta. According to KELLA, “we actually wrote and re-wrote multiple versions of the song throughout a year to get it to the point that you’re hearing today. I knew there was something special with the song from the first session we did, but often the simplest sounding things are the hardest to write.” We sure are happy that this song sees the light of the day now!

“Wanna Be Bad” was released today and can be streamed and bought now on all digital retailers and services. Be sure to check it out by choosing your service right here!

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