Kelsy Karter saves the ‘Sad Sad Summer’ with new single

'Sad Sad Summer' is the latest single from Kelsy Karter following previous releases, 'Easy Tiger' and 'Too Many Hearts To Break'

‘Sad Sad Summer’ is the latest single from Kelsy Karter following previous releases, ‘Easy Tiger’ and ‘Too Many Hearts To Break’

Kelsy Karter is an upcoming rockstar in her own right, we have been following her journey since earlier this year when we discovered her single, ‘Too Many Hearts To Break‘. We then got the opportunity to interview New Zealand songstress ahead of her previous single, ‘Easy Tiger‘, which features Hudson Thames.

Both singles have been stellar for Karter, demonstrating she is a rockstar on the rise. It was also recently revealed that she has written a song for Zayn’s upcoming album, which is yet to be released. In an interview with ID, Karter also opened up about her love for another 1D member, Harry Styles. She told the fashion magazine, ‘He’s introduced the kids to the kind of music I want to make. For that, I’m really grateful. I feel like I’m a female version.’

Kelsy Karter also opened up about making the switch from pop to rock ‘n’ roll, or as she likes to call it, ‘blue-eyed rock ‘n’ roll’. A power ballad with nothing but soul, ‘Sad Sad Summer’ is oozing of Karter’s self-described musical genre. The recent release was written after pressure from her A&R team to churn a hit single, which put Karter in a slump.

Before you know it, she had a hit – a hit of her own. Within the single’s release, Karter also released an accompanying music video for the new track. With Andy Warhol-inspired visuals, it’s the perfect music video for a ‘Sad Sad Summer’.

You can listen to ‘Sad Sad Summer’ below:

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