Kendall Jenner gets restraining order against LA stalker

If you’re wanting to get Kendall Jenner’s (or anyone famous, for that matter) attention, stalking is probably (definitely) not the way to do it.
Kendall has recently been granted a restraining order against a dedicated stalker named Shavaughn McKenzie, 25, who had been following her around LA for some time.
According to TMZ, Jenner had to phone the police on Sunday after discovering McKenzie waiting outside her Hollywood Hills home.
Police reports from the incident revealed that he followed her car through the gate to her house, banging on the window in a bid for her attention, yelling “can I talk to you?”
The model reportedly began screaming, but the man tried to reassure her, telling her with his hands in the air: “Hey, look, I don’t have a gun”.
This would not be the first time McKenzie has been caught following Kendall; previously, he had not only camped outside of her home but chased her car into traffic. He has been arrested in the past for trespassing on UCLA and its surrounding buildings on multiple occasions.
The Los Angeles City Attorney charged him with a count of misdemeanour stalking and a count of misdemeanor trespassing, as well as Kendall obtaining a court order banning him from going anywhere near her.
Despite already having a state-of-the-art security system installed, and existing bodyguards, she has reportedly hired extra security to patrol her house – which she moved into just two months ago – and the grounds, as well as to sit outside.
Shavaughn McKenzie’s bail was set at $120,000, and if convicted of either of his charges, he faces up to six months in jail as well as up to a $1,000 fine. He is due back in court on 30th August.
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Written by CelebMix