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Kesha Drops New Song “Rich, White, Straight Men”

What wasn’t planned to be a single, according to Kesha, has now been released officially to streaming and download services. “Rich, White, Straight Men” is a brand new track from Kesha following up her live acoustic release of “Here Comes The Change” and her feature on Sage’s track “Safe” alongside Chika.

Kesha Sebert has been on quite a tough road over the last few years especially with her ongoing court proceedings against Dr. Luke, yet she’s still found time to release music. “Praying” was the incredible debut single from her most recent album, and it sure did capture everyone’s attention. Her third studio album, Rainbow, was released in 2017 with astronomical success, managing to hit number one in the US and Canada, whilst scoring her best position on album charts in the UK, Australia, Belgium, Ireland, New Zealand, and Switzerland. Within the year since the album dropped, she gained her first Grammy nomination, and she toured with Macklemore. We presume her fourth studio album is on the horizon, what with the release of the late-2018 track, “Here Comes The Change“, however, this new single was leaked by Kesha, herself, could she be – yet again – struggling to release music? Let’s hope not, as we so need K4 in our lives.

This new song has been written by Kesha Sebert, Pebe Sebert, Stephen Wrabel, and Stuart Crichton, whilst it was produced by Stuart Crichton. It is unknown whether this will become part of her fourth studio album, as it was leaked without permission by Kesha herself. She was unsure whether her record label would back the track but it soon appeared on streaming and downloading services, this week. The leaked version contained a five-second clip, repeated on a loop for all of the three minutes, which sees Kesha raising her middle finger to the camera.

Watch Kesha’s Video That Accompanies Her New Song “Rich, White, Straight Men” Here:

The track is a social activism-promoting anthem, which completely champions gender equality by envisioning a world without “rich, white, straight men”. It is an upbeat, musical-like track featuring a range of sounds in the backing track, including horns and what sounds like a carnival organ. The lyrics are a sarcastic statement, mocking and criticising the current political situation, hitting out at the likes of healthcare, college tuition costs, homophobia, and sexism. It’s a different vibe to Kesha, but one that is welcomed and it’s great to see her using her platform for good.

“Rich, White, Straight Men” is available to download and stream right now, through Kemosabe Records. It is unknown whether Kesha’s fourth studio album will be released soon or not, but we can always hope. We definitely need more new music from her.

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