Kesha Releases New Single, ‘Raising Hell’

Just two days after announcing her new album, Kesha has released the first single from her new era. “Raising Hell” goes back to her older eras and we are so here for it!

A total parallel from her Rainbow era, “Raising Hell” featuring Freedia has Kesha singing “I don’t wanna go to heaven without raising hell.”

Directed by Luke Gilford, the video depicts her as a preacher in the church, but it seems as though the pastor, who may be her husband, is mean to her and after she takes him out she gets a new persona and is on the run from the cops.


Also, her new album, High Road, has an official release date, January 10th, 2020. We will be ringing in the new year with new Kesha music and we can’t wait. You can see a preview of it on iTunes. High Road will feature 15 songs, including “Raising Hell,” the title track, and “BFF” featuring Wrabel.

One track that really stands out is “Kinky” ft. Ke$ha. Yes, it is Kesha featuring Ke$ha. We are just as confused as you.

This new era is so exciting and we are proud of Kesha for taking back the narrative and raising a little hell.

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Written by Brittany Sims

Brittany is a 2019 graduate of Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, where she obtained her Bachelor's degree in Journalism. Her love for writing started as a child and grew from there. When she started becoming obsessed with celebrities and pop culture, Brittany decided to start a career in Journalism.