Kiana V drops new single “Heartbeat On Me” featuring Jesse Barrera

LA based Filipina R&B artist Kiana V’s released a brand new single “Heartbeat On Me” featuring fellow Filipino artist Jesse Barrera. Distilling pure and ethereal beauty, Kiana V’s new track is set to create  magical moments for the listener, and help her cement her rise as one of the most promising artists of the year. Musically, “Heartbeat On Me” is a vivid tribute to the concept of mixing influences and genres. Kiana V demonstrates her technical supremacy over other artists as she creates such a lavish and overflowing song.

Kiana says about the track: “‘Heartbeat On Me’ is a song about when you feel like you can really dive in and fall in love with someone, but you want to make sure the feeling is mutual first. You want to know that they’ll be there for you the way you are for them.”

As the press release notes: “Heartbeat on Me” opens with infectious synths and gently tapping drums, allowing Kiana V’s featherlight yet instantly striking voice to enter with a gentle immediacy. It’s a sunkissed delight that calls back to her native Philippines. Possessing the immediacy of Tinashe and the knack for undeniable melody of Aaliyah, Kiana is a powerhouse, possessing a quiet intensity that strikes bone deep. 

About Kiana V (Spotify)

Kiana V is an R&B artist from Manila, currently based in Los Angeles. The successful release of her single “Does Show Know” in 2017 with currently 13M streams, debut EP “Grey” in 2018, “See Me” album in 2019, singles including “Corners” and “Safe Place” in 2020, “Dazed” EP in 2021 – and performances throughout Southeast Asia has paved the way to her current sound. The release of “Safe Place” in 2020 with Tarsier Records and 88Rising has generated over 2M streams and continues to gain new listeners globally. Kiana has been featured on COMPLEX, Power 106 LA, SPIN, Forbes, Earmilk, Acclaim Australia,, HYPEBAE, PAPER, and American Songwriter, to name a few. She was awarded the People’s Choice Award for Best Female Performance at the 33rd Awit Awards in 2021.

Kiana was recently selected for the South by Southwest (SXSW) music showcase taking place in March 2022.

Written by Magdalena

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