DISCOVER: We are “Addicted” To KILL J’s Brand New Track

We’re addicted to KILL J’s brand new track. And we would like to convince you that the Danish singer-songwriter might soon be part of your favorite artists, too.

Danish singer-songwriter KILL J has been working quietly but incessantly on her upcoming debut album. In contrary to a first assumption, she is no stranger to the industry though. She debuted her first track, titled “Phoenix”, six years ago and ever since then has blessed us with one left-leaning pop release after the other, including her standout hit “You’re Good But I’m Better” and her still-absolutely-brilliant cover of “Barbie Girl”.

Now, after being named “the future of Scandinavian pop” by the likes of The Fader, Pigeons & Planes and Stereogum in the past, KILL J is finally readying the release of her first full-length project. Lead singles “Strange Fruits of The Sea” and “Dead Weight Soldier”, a track about her parting ways with her A&R, have already seen the light of the day but none shine just as bright as her latest track “Addicted”.

“Addicted”, released only a couple of days ago, is a down-tempo track that feels as true to her artistic vision as never before. Filled with KILL J’s saccharine vocals set over an understated electronic beat, the song slowly but surely weaves itself into your ears, pulls you in and takes you on a 2 minutes and 51 seconds long ride that will leave you shimmering all over.

“Addicted” is not a big pop banger but more of a well-executed left-leaning approach to what we call a bop nowadays. It is a slow jam with a melody as simple as it is unforgettable. The singer’s vocals and the nuanced usage of instruments and other effects help transport the song into a dimension and genre of its own.

KILL J’s latest release is another prime example of why we love the singer so so much: “Addicted” is cool and yet heartfelt, understated yet tremendously big. It shines and glimmers and will make you want to listen to it over and over again.

Quite honestly, we were excited about her debut album before but never have we looked more forward to it than after listening to “Addicted”.

Listen to the track right here:

KILL J has also debuted an accompanying video which was directed by Ben Thornley. It sees the singer dancing in a beautiful gown while sitting on a giant throne made up of branches.

Watch the video right here:

“Addicted” is now available to purchase, stream, download and view on the digital retailer and platform of your choice. It was released via No3 Music under exclusive license to the Nettwerk Music Group Inc.

The new song was co-written by the singer herself with Nichlas Malling and Viktor Hagner.

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