Swimming in the Undertow

King of Foxes Releases Vibrant “Swimming in the Undertow”

Canadian-based, indie-rock outfit, King of Foxes unveils their new pop-rock single, “Swimming in the Undertow,” an appetizer for their forthcoming album, Twilight of the Empire,” set for release in September 2022, via Crystal Baby.

Talking about the upcoming album, King of Foxes shares, “The album title (Twilight of the Empire) shows up in the lyrics of this song. I think we are on the cusp of witnessing some major changes in this lifetime–– let’s hope that, collectively, we can make them good ones.”

Speaking to the new single, “Swimming in the Undertow,” King of Foxes says, “This song is about being swept along by forces outside of your control. There’s no sense fighting the current, but maybe can you live on your own terms even while you’re being dragged under. I wrote it while swiveling around in an office chair and wondering why our time on this planet––the most precious thing we have––is a currency we trade in order to make ends meet. It’s crazy, but we all do it.”

The brainchild of Edmonton-based singer-songwriter and guitarist Olivia Street, King of Foxes has released two albums, Golden Armour and Salt & Honey. The latter album appeared on CKUA’s Top 100 Albums of 2019.

On “Swimming in the Undertow,” Street collaborates with producer and multiple Juno nominee, Stew Kirkwood.

“Swimming in the Undertow” travels on retro pop-rock savors topped by Street’s sumptuous voice. The chorus rides gleaming, potent guitars rippling with jangly colors as Street reveals the scope and range and vibrancy of her crème de la crème voice, infusing the lyrics with Go-Go’s-like textures and energy.

A raw and dirty guitar solo imbues the song with blistering tones and then returns to the luscious pop-rock melody. Intoxicating and alluring, as superb as the music is, the icing on the cake is Olivia Street’s mesmerizing voice, brimming with effervescent energy.

King of Foxes delivers enthralling pop-rock with “Swimming in the Undertow,” providing listeners with a vivacious experience.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.