Kiri T Releases Her Brand New Single “Strangers”

There has certainly been a lot of brilliant new music released this week, and here is another one for your ears. “Strangers” comes from Hong Kong’s own Kiri T, it is her sixth single, following up her 2017 release “Roll Deep in the Fields”.

Full name Kiri Tse, this incredible singer-songwriter is also a producer. This track alone shows off how much of an incredible artist she truly is. Her debut single “Twenty-Something (Lucian Remix)”, released in 2015, is her biggest hit to date with over four million Spotify streams. She so deserves more attention because this new song is addicting, to say the least.

“Strangers” was written by the artist herself whilst production was done by Kiri T and Matthew Sim. We do know that a music video is in the works, and should be expected soon. If this song is anything to go by, the visual is bound to be a must-watch.

Listen To Kiri T’s New Single “Strangers” Here:

Of the song, Kiri T said: “Inspired by my different levels of realities. This song is about being really in love with a person you couldn’t be with, and the only way you could be together is to go to a different reality/different timeline.”

We can certainly feel every single emotion Kiri T has for this song. The passion and her voice dominates the whole sound, warping our ears into completely loving it by the end, so much so that we have to replay the song, every single time.

It has a Eurovision pop-ballad to the track, one that reminds us of a more flowing and ethereal version of Agnete’s “Icebreaker”, which represented Norway at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016. “Strangers” is now available to download and stream.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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