Kit Rice Has Released New Single “Always Been This Way”

Almost a month ago, we were honoured to exclusively premiere Kit Rice’s brand new single “Just A Kiss“; he has just followed this song up with another new release, called “Always Been This Way”, which was dropped on Monday. This new music is leading up to his forthcoming debut album “Konfidence”.

The song is pretty far removed from the previous single, showing off Kit Rice’s versatility. If you recognise his name or even his face, you’ll probably know him as being a contestant on the sixth series of The Voice UK, where he was eliminated during the battle rounds. Since then he has been focusing on his music career and he has been releasing some incredible new music.

Speaking about the song, Kit Rice said: “The record is about letting go. It was one of the hardest songs to write on this album because it is so personal. I like to live my life through love & light, but sometimes people take me for granted. When that happens, I have to let go. Life is hard enough! You need people helping you push the cart up hill. If someone is sitting in it and weighing you down, you have to let go and most times it’s a hard decision to make!  But you have to look after yourself first. Don’t let people weigh you down! Live your best life.”

Talking about how the record came together, Kit Rice went on to say: “This ‘Always Been This Way’ track is heavily inspired by strings. Brandy & Ne-Yo have a knack of singing really emotional songs over a strong four to the floor beat and that’s where I was going with the production. But as ever, where I’m going isn’t always where I end up. I wrote it on the piano, but adding the production created something much more live & string intensive than I had originally intended. I love this song as it has a lot of emotional intent.”

Listen To Kit Rice’s New Single “Always Been This Way” Here:

This brand new track sees Kit Rice experiment with a more R&B sound, and we have to admit that it certainly suits his voice. It’s got a soulful twist and is definitely different to “Just A Kiss” whilst still being identifiable as Kit Rice. He manages to take us away with his words, and this is clearly very personal.

“Always Been This Way” is available to download and stream right now. His debut album, “Konfidence”, is expected to be released on 25 June.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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