What we know about American Horror Story season six

Since the beginning of American Horror Story in 2011, the TV series has been receiving a lot of attention.

If you are a fan of the show then you definitely know why! With the season finale of the fifth series ‘Hotel’ in January, we are all left to wonder, what could the next season hold for us?

What do we know about American Horror Story season 6?

As far as we are aware, there is not a storyline yet. Co-Creator of the show Ryan Murphy recently stated that they are working on two ideas for the next season but haven’t decided on one yet. Both ideas have something to do with children. Although there are speculations that it is titled ‘Orphanage’, we cannot know for sure until it is confirmed.

Lady Gaga, who played the Countess in the previous series, stated that she will be making a return to the show but has not said if she is going to be featured as a main character or just appear once in an episode. Emma Roberts has stated that she would like to return to the show if it meant that she could work alongside Ms Gaga.

Some of the actors/ actresses that were in ‘Hotel’ took to the PaleyFest stage and spoke out about what it was like working with Lady Gaga in an interview

Actors and Actresses that Ryan Murphy revealed that will return to American Horror Story are:

Wes Bently, come played John Lowe in the previous series. Angela Bassett who played Ramona Royale. Matt Bomer who played Donovan. Denis O Hare who played Liz. Finn Wittrock who played Tristan. Sarah Paulson who played Sally. Cheyenne Jackson who played Will Drake. Kathy Bates who played Iris.

Although he has been a massive part of the show since the beginning, and brings quite a lot of female viewers to the show, Evan Peters has not confirmed his return. He could confirm it in the future but not at the moment.

What we know about American Horror Story season 6 1

In ‘Hotel’ an array of characters from previous seasons came on including John Carroll Lynch who played the serial killer clown Twisty in season four and Christine Estabrook who played the real estate agent Marcy in season one. So who knows, even if Peters is not a main character, he may make a cheeky appearance or two.

The upcoming series is supposedly to make its come back in October.

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