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Kolohe Kai Releases Luscious ‘Hazel Eyes’

Reggae sensation Kolohe Kai recently released his album, Hazel Eyes, offering surf-friendly, heavy-in-love vibes.

Talking about the album, Kolohe Kai says, “From the ocean with its soothing power, to the faith that anchors my soul. From my intense desire to help others feel beautiful, to my vows to the greatest wife in the world. This album represents all of me. Every crevice of my heart was emptied into these lyrics. The journey of these past few years has been a hike to remember, filled with important lessons. I hope it inspires anyone listening to grab hold of true love and happiness.”

The heart of the album is the title track, a song dedicated to his wife. Recorded at different studios with various producers, each producer was carefully selected to deliver a sound unique to the songs they worked on, including Imua Garza, Kapena De Lima, Noah Cronin, and Brian Kierulf.

Kolohe Kai explains, “All of these producers played a huge role in my fourth album, ‘Summer To Winter,’ so I knew that I could trust them to deliver a certain sound I wanted for each song.”

Encompassing 11-tracks, highlights on Hazel Eyes include “Blame It On the Waves,” a deliciously warm song blending reggae and hints of pop into a captivating, upbeat song. Kolohe’s evocative voice imbues the lyrics with buoyant savors.

“Feel the Sunshine,” rolls out on a tasty reggae beat topped by a skiffing piano and a fat, popping bassline. Glowing harmonies add depth and dimension, emphasizing the easy balminess of Kolohe’s deluxe voice.

The title track features lusciously braying brass accents riding a one-drop beat as Kolohe’s tender tones infuse the lyrics with quixotic flavors.

“Hazel Eyes / Stay on my track, I’ll say no lies / Stay on my track, Ms. Hazel Eyes / We got a wonderful new life / Oh what a crystal-clear horizon / I hope our children have your hazel eyes, hazel eyes.”

The feel and flow of “Catching Lightning” are captivating, undulating on textures of pop and reggae, filling the tune with alluring energy. Kolohe’s version of Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely” thrums with low-slung reggae flavors as Kolohe’s cashmere voice imbues the lyrics with charming passion. A sax solo, followed by a gleaming guitar solo, gives the song palpable sonic aromas.

The reggae sway of the final track, “Gravity” provides listeners with radiant harmonies and Kolohe’s vibrant, evocative voice.

Kolohe Kai has it going on! Hazel Eyes delivers plush, swanky reggae textures blended with pop tinctures, resulting in a grand album.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.