Kris Angelis & Adrianne Gonzalez Release New Single “Bright Side”

We have even more new music released this week. “Bright Side” comes from Kris Angelis and Adrianne Gonzalez, who have teamed up for this collaborative track. It’s totally an empowerment track that is as sweet as homemade lemonade.

The song envisions finding the good in a bad or difficult situation; always looking on the bright side. It’s full of energetic positivity, which we’ve come to expect from Kris Angelis. It’s certainly an unforgettable happy song; one that has certainly made our day.

Kris Angelis and Adrianne Gonzalez wrote the song together, they were introduced through mutual friends. They bonded by pushing each other out of their comfort zones which ended up with this fabulous single that is full of emotion whilst still being addicting in every way.

“Bright Side” is certainly a grower of a song; full-on jovial from start to finish it completely brightens up anyone’s day. If we could literally turn positivity into a song, itself, it would certainly be this one. There are so many amazing instruments being played throughout, whilst the harmonies, as well as the vocals, really empower the song and the story behind it.

Listen To Kris Angelis & Adrianne Gonzalez’s New Single “Bright Side” Here:

The song is available to download and stream right now. We hope that these two come together again for another awesome collaboration.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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