Kristian Kostov releases new single “The One (I Need You)”

Kristian Kostov has kicked off 2018 with a bang. The singer/songwriter marked the beginning of the year with a beautiful new single. On January 4th, Kostov released the music video for his new single “The One (I Need You).

Not only did Kostov kick off the year with a new song, but he’s also got a completely new look that will surely make fans swoon over the artist.

The One (I Need You) has the familiar narrative with an unfamiliar ending. The “Story of My Life” style video shows Kostov and his special someone traveling in Russia where they seem to be spending their Christmas. Instead of making the song mellow or acoustic, the singer chose to give it a different flavor with electronic music and it worked out well.

The lyrics and the video create a sense of nostalgia as they make one remember his/her good times with the friends and loved ones. Also, the uplifting music and the vibrant scenes in the video radiate happiness and makes one groove to the beats.

In this single, Kostov adopts the confessional mode of narration and puts forth his feeling about his special someone. In turn, he wants her to reciprocate the feeling but does he succeed? Watch the video and see it for yourself:

The One (I Need You) was written by Kostov, his brother Daniel and his brother’s girlfriend Maria. For his new single, Kostov went blonde and he really pulled off his new look. The singer looks absolutely amazing in the music video.

The One is just a beginning. Kostov will be releasing more music in the upcoming months so, we will get to see more of him this year.

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