Kristine Elezaj releases new single ‘Over & Over’

Upcoming independent artist Kristine Elezaj has recently released her new single ‘Over & Over’. A song which has been cited as embodying a new era of musical freedom for her.

The song discusses the notion that regardless of how much time has passed in a relationship, there’s always something new that unveils itself. We completely agree with this idea from Kristine, and see how the lyrics of ‘Over & Over’ represent this.

Kristine has been carving her way into the music industry for a number of years, consistently writing and working diligently. Many publications have noticed her talent and success, with her being dubbed as a cross between Britney Spears and Rihanna. We completely agree with describing Kristine’s sound in this way, especially with ‘Over & Over’.

The song begins with a steadily increasing electro beat combined with Kristine’s vocals and the intermittent plucking of a guitar. Her vocals clearly shine through and definitely match with that of Rihanna’s, with somewhat seductive tones and passionate falsettos.

As the chorus progresses, we reach a kind of crescendo with a heavy electro sound taking over from the main vocals, with only a soft ‘Over and over’ in the background. Following in the beat and guitar takes over again, with this verse having a stronger drum beat. This song really is all about the beats and moments of falsetto, which means it definitely will not be out of place on any dance floor.

Kristine’s sound is incredibly contemporary and combines many popular aspects of a variety of well-loved songs, infusing R&B and pop elements. With already over 300k collective streams on her previous releases, she clearly has no intention of slowing down for 2018, and us here at CelebMix can’t wait to see what Kristine gets up to!

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