Kryan, Fabyan, Yoandri & Micke Moreno Come Together To Release “Eres Tu” Through Global Records Latin

Latin-Pop music is certainly on top of its game, and we are seeing a whole range of Latin-Pop making waves around the world. Global Records launched Global Records Latin earlier this year with their signing of Micke – who is known by his full name Micke Moreno for this song. He released “El Amor” featuring Antonia, followed up with acoustic sessions and remixes, and now he’s brought his guys – Kryan, Fabyan & Yoandri – with him for this awesome track “Eres Tu”.

Yet, Micke Moreno isn’t the only one out of this four who are signed to Global Records Latin; Fabyan has also recently released his debut track on the label, titled “Sin Ti”. We expect more Latin music to drop from these guys, on this record label, soon. As we wait though, we’ll keep replaying this amazing track.

All four guys were spotted by the record label due to their success on Latin talent TV shows. Kyran was a Semi-Finalist on La Voz Teens in 2016. As for Fabyan, Yoandri, and Micke Moreno, they all have come from La Banda – the first series, of which, formed CNCO. As CNCO racks up international charts around the world (with the help of Little Mix), Global Records Latin has created this one-off group that certainly gives their own flavour.

This collaboration is definitely one that we will never forget. The song is on fire from start to finish, with the music video having a lot of latin flames. The song itself was written by Melo Cardenas Brian Andres, Fabyan Dariel Sanchez Lopez, Yoandri Cabrera, Micke Alejandro Moreno, and Alexandru Cotoi. The music video was filmed in Bucharest whilst the ending scenes are located at S-CLUB venue. The music video was directed by Khaled Mokhtar.

Watch Kryan, Fabyan, Yoandri & Micke Moreno’s Music Video For “Eres Tu” Here:

The music video has a lot of Latin flavour to it, considering it was filmed in Bucharest. The guys have admitted that it felt like the places where they grew up. It brought back memories of their grandparents’ homes in Colombia, Cuba, and Puerto Rico.

Also, surprisingly, the scenes with the elderly lady was not planned at all. The guys confessed that in their countries, in Latin America, the oldest lady on the street takes on a grandmotherly role, looking after the kids on the street. When they want to get out of town, they have to get her blessing. It’s cute that they included such an adorable but spontaneous scene and it definitely adds, even more, Latin flavour to the video.

There is a slight story unfolding. We watch the four guys checking out a group of girls that they’ve spotted above them, on a balcony. They go to talk to them and later take them clubbing – to S-CLUB.

Throughout, the narrative is segmented by a performance piece. Each guy has their own performance segment, allowing this video to come off more as a collaborative visual rather than attempting to promote a new boy group – not surprising since the guys each plan on having a solo career. They all know how to perform, giving energetic vibes to the camera and fully bringing it; all the while, trying not to get too distracted by the girls touching them up. We’re excited about the ventures Global Records Latin will take in the near future. This certainly is something special.

“Eres Tu” is available to download on iTunes right now. We suggest you get it right now because we can’t stop listening to it.

What do you make of Kryan, Fabyan, Yoandri & Micke Moreno’s collaborative track “Eres Tu”? Are you excited about Global Records Latin? Tell us all your thoughts on Twitter @CelebMix.

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