KYOSi Releases New Single, “Boo Radley”

EDM artist, KYOSi, just released her new single, “Boo Radley,” from her upcoming EP, Negative Space.

“Boo Radley” is a reimagining of the classic character from Harper Lee‘s timeless novel, “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

The track is an upbeat and driving song that reflects the isolation and paranoia Boo Radley feels in the book. Her lyrics connect how he was feeling to the modern world and the lack of human connection.

“Boo Radley” fits in perfectly with her EPs theme of race and gender issues.

KYOSi previously released her single, “All I’ve Had,” the first of three songs on Negative Space, which will be available everywhere on June 21st.

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Written by Brittany Sims

Brittany is a 2019 graduate of Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, where she obtained her Bachelor's degree in Journalism. Her love for writing started as a child and grew from there. When she started becoming obsessed with celebrities and pop culture, Brittany decided to start a career in Journalism.