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Lady Gaga is Back Recording New Music in the Studio

It’s been a busy few years for Lady Gaga with her promoting her new album, touring and performing at the Superbowl. But recently she had to take a break and have some time for herself.

The singer cancelled the last 10 shows on her Joanne tour due to problems with her chronic pain which has seen her almost go into hiding to recover. She has publicly talked about her debilitating condition, fibromyalgia, which consists of widespread pain, fatigue and muscle stiffness.

Since her announcement that she was cancelling the last of her tour, we haven’t seen much of the singer at all. However, she is reportedly on the road to recovery using a combination of acupuncture and reiki to get back on track.

“She’s been trying everything to rid herself of pain. It’s a very slow road to her getting better,” a source told US Weekly. 

However, Gaga has been spotted at a Starbucks down in Oregon, sparking reports that she is back in the studio.The Sun says she’s there to work on new music and is collaborating with DJ White Shadow who worked with her on Born This way and ARTPOP.

Jonny Good, Gaga’s bassist, says that she’s determined to get back into good health before her Las Vegas residency kicks off in December, according to The Sun.

“By the ‘Joanne tour’ she was already five tours in, battling hip injuries. Nobody knows how she’s done it,” he said. “She never moans – she does have a great team though, a great physical team. They help. Everyone helps keep the ship together.”

Well, we hope Gaga is feeling better and we can’t wait to hear her new music!

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Written by Laura

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