Lady Moon & The Eclipse Release "Star Gazing"

Lady Moon & The Eclipse Release “Star Gazing”

Have you ever wished you could gaze at the stars during the day? Or are you simply just a spiritual soul who loves nature and everything it has to offer? Well if that’s your aesthetic, then Lady Moon & The Eclipse have what you’re looking for.

Their spiritual pop, R&B, and Afrobeat music will take you where your mind would crave to be. And their latest single, “Star Gazing”, off of their their forthcoming album is a perfect example of everything that Lady Moon & The Eclipse is.

With heady, witty, inspirational lyrics, you can’t help but smile as Lady Moon (lead vocalist) sings confidently with a beautiful smile on her face. For her, the band and backing vocalists act as the Sun as they shine their light upon her. And in this group’s eyes, all of you watching are the Earth. When the three are in alignment, the Eclipse occurs. Hence their group name, Lady Moon & The Eclipse.

In the video for “Star Gazing”, Lady Moon & The Eclipse make every area of Brooklyn stand out in the beautiful sun, so that every essence of the city is shown as they dance and sing around. The beauty is captured so well, that the video makes us want to visit Brooklyn! And fun fact? One of the scenes is in front of their apartment building.

You can find “Star Gazing” is streaming now on both Spotify and iTunes.

Check out their video for “Star Gazing” below:

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