Laura White Features On SKIY’s Brand New Single “Lullaby” + Six Remixes

We’ve had a whole range of stars from The X Factor releasing music this week. One you may have missed is this awesome song that features Laura White. She came eighth on the fifth series of The X Factor. She has collaborated on SKIY’s awesome dance track “Lullaby”.

This is a surprising new venture for The X Factor star. Her previous songs are ballad-like emotional tracks with a jazz vibe, that have won applause from various critics. Surprisingly, this collaboration is exactly what we needed to hear from her; who knew that her voice suited dance tracks?

According to iTunes, the song was composed by Abbas Imram, Jan van der Toorn, Dillon Dixon, Manuel Reuter, Daniel Avila Roson, and K4000. We’re pretty sure it would be a smash in the clubs up and down the UK or even the world over. It has been dropped alongside six remixes of the song, gifting us with Laura White’s incredible voice over and over again.

Listen To SKIY & Laura White’s New Single “Lullaby” Here:

Upbeat and groovy, the track is definitely rhythmically catchy, one that will get people on the dancefloor, for sure. The drop would certainly get everyone moving; it switches up the track with synths that we adore. The drop never really goes away after the first time and can be heard in the following verse.

As for the vocals, Laura White gives it her all, adding her twang emotional voice into a brilliant mix. She has clearly connected with the lyrics, meaning every single word. Her vocals are totally impressive and have a Becky Hill sort of vibe to them.

We hope this is the start of Laura White heading into dance music, as it definitely suits her voice. This single has six amazing remixes alongside this release. We have an “Airplay” and “Club” mix for both the original track and the extended version; we can presume SKIY mixed these remixes. Then we also have two Badr Avsar remixes, one of the original and one of the extended version, too.

Check Out All Seven Tracks For SKIY’s “Lullaby” Feat. Laura White Here:

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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