Lauren Jauregui voices opinions about Orlando shooting

Last week, 50 people were killed and 53 injured after a mass shooting at the Orlando gay club ‘Pulse.’ Following the incident, several big names in pop culture have sent their prayers and offered condolences to the families of the victims.

Many celebrities wrote lengthy, structured twitter threads pointing out issues with the US legal system (referring to the lack of gun safety.) Lauren Jauregui of Fifth Harmony wrote several angry tweets about gun violence. “I am in a constant state of disbelief” the influential 19 year old writes on social media.

Camila Cabello, another member of Fifth Harmony, also expressed her shock through this tweet:

Lauren has always shows great interest in political issues happening in the world today. She addresses these problems by retweeting powerful thoughts and voicing her own opinions. Several topics that he was particularly involved in were: ‘the Brock Turner rapist case’, ‘Trump’s presidential campaign’ and, most recently, the Orlando shooting.

Jauregui often shares polls or petitions for people to sign, in doing so, she uses her fame to bring these issues to light.

We think Lauren is a great role model and we love how involved she is with the current news. Its important for people in media to have a voice, and Lauren is using hers in the best way possible.

Lauren Jauregui voices opinions about Orlando shooting 2 Lauren Jauregui voices opinions about Orlando shooting 1

We think it’s great that celebrities are using their influence and platform to bring these issues into the spotlight. Gun safety has been an issue in the US for a while now and it needs to be properly addressed.

A ‘gofundme’ page has also been set up in support of the victims of the Orlando ‘Pulse’ shooting. So far, $1.3 million has been raised with some donating $5 and others thousands of dollars. Lauren of Fifth Harmony got the ball rolling by donating a generous $2000 under the name Lauren Michelle. (her middle name.)

You can donate at the page here:

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