Leah Kate admits it’s a little too late in “Boyfriend”

Viral singer/songwriter Leah Kate has just dropped her new single “Boyfriend” and it’s taking the world by storm.

Landing the prestigious “new music Friday” Spotify playlist in 29 countries around the globe, it’s clear that this pop queen is conquering the music industry. Her new single follows the release of “F*ck Up The Friendship” and is a follow-up to Kate’s relationship tales and advice.

This time she emphasizes the importance of not letting others rule your lives, urging people to keep their head held high and leave the bad apples to rot. Life is too short to pander to people who offer us nothing back, so show them who’s boss and move onwards and upwards. 

With her carefree attitude and positive, uplifting soundscapes, “Boyfriend” comes to life, bursting with vibrancy and energy. Through a throbbing bassline, sassy vocals and a dominating rhythm, you can’t help but lose yourself in this heady mix of swirling synths and vibey beats. This is the type of tune that will worm it’s way deep into your brain and leave you humming it for the foreseeable future and we’re all for it. “Boyfriend” is the song we all need to pull us out these lockdown blues and get us in the mood for a fun night out with your friends. 

So turn it up loud, do your hair toss and check your nails, because Kate is here to remind us that we don’t have time to be messed around.

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Written by ChloeRobinson

Hi my name is Chloe, I'm a foodie who enjoys cooking and reporting on celebrity culture and new music releases.