Lemonade hits another milestone

Last week, everybody’s mind was blown (and still is, we assure) as Beyoncé released her sixth studio album, Lemonade. Fan or not, almost everyone has given it a listen and has been talking about it constantly ever since. After being in talks for a week, and making records one after another, now the second visual album of the songstress is making news for hitting another milestone.

Lemonade hits another milestone 1

‘Lemonade’ is the first album in HISTORY of the English-speaking music industry to generate 100M streams in five days in the United States. Earlier, the record was held by Drake, whose new album, ‘Views’ has been released recently.


So far ‘Lemonade’ has been one of the biggest hits this year. In terms of album sales in the United States, ‘Lemonade’ (500,000) has surpassed Rihanna’s ANTI (370,000) which was released two months ago. With that number, ‘Lemonade’ is officially the album with the highest debut sales released in 2016 so far. Not just that, in the past five days, Bey’s prestigious album has been streamed 124,000,000 times in the US and the UK alone.

Lemonade hits another milestone 3

If that wasn’t enough, we will proudly have you know that with the album and all its record-breaking, Beyoncé now has SIX consecutive #1 albums in the US, the most by any female artist in history! With that, she still remains the number one artist on iTunes Worldwide.

Lemonade hits another milestone 4

‘Lemonade’ was made available for online streaming on April 23 through TIDAL, which Beyoncé co-owns, and released for paid purchase through the service the following day.

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Written by CelebMix