Lessons we’ve learned from our favourite foodie YouTubers

These days, everyone is a beautician thanks to Youtube – but does the same ring true for other creatives as well? There are plenty of foodies finding fame on YouTube, but does that make everyone a chef?

Sometimes, it’s just about the entertainment

… And that’s okay!

Food is so, so entertaining – and who knew? From the woman behind My Drunk Kitchen, to Epic Meal Time (basically the “Jackass” show, but for the kitchen), these shows are seriously addictive, and that’s largely in thanks to the personalities that put them out there.

Sure, you may never ACTUALLY eat a 100kg pizza or prepare a seven course tasting menu while blind drunk, but the entertainment factor is sure there The trick is just tapping into a niche that hasn’t been done – or if it has, just doing it amazingly, amazingly well.

It’s not always about how it looks

From Pinterest to YouTube, the Internet has given us unrealistic expectations when it comes to just about everything, but perhaps not moreso than the way our food should look. But as the new Netflix smash “Nailed It!” shows us, sometimes we need to manage our expectations – things don’t always turn out the way we think they should look.

While taste should always take precedence, it can be frustrating when we encounter a  foodie fail. The entire premise of Nailed It! is exposing just how different things can be when we attempt to make the yummy creations that we see on screen.

The stars have given us a lot to answer for, but it’s okay, we can always order in. Is your antipasti looking more like the antichrist? No worries, the Internet has given us another gem – the ability to order from our favourite Italian restaurants instead!

YouTube can give you a genuine passion for food

Food YouTubers pride themselves on one thing – when it comes to food, they really know their stuff. If there’s a second thing (there usually is) it’s knowing how to convey that well.

When discussing famous YouTube stars, the foodies often get overlooked – it’s not fair, because they’re literally doing amazingly well, and their subscriber numbers speak for themselves. Just look at Rosanna Pansino and her pop-culture inspired desserts, Laura In The Kitchen who gets viewers fired up about all different kinds of food, or even The Tipsy Bartender, who’ll have you turn into quite the mixologist.

There are even women who cut their children’s dinners up into exciting artwork, so there’s something no matter the audience you’re cooking for!

You want it? You’ve got it

No matter what you hope to learn – or eat – there will be a YouTuber catering to your needs. Eating for health? There are literally a million guides out there to help. Or perhaps you’re looking to find the best street food on your travels? Yep, that’s covered as well.

Food challenges, recipes, colourful cakes… YouTube is your oyster. What a wonderful – and incredibly delicious – world!

Written by CelebMix