LGBTQ+ activist Piera van de Wiel is back with the beautifully romantic ‘Love Is Meant For You’

Piera van de Wiel is a name known in charity and music sectors alike, with her determined attitude and sense of justice rivalling only her talents as a singer and songwriter. Founder of her collective Stronger With Music that promotes the importance of music and mental health, and music and social impact, Piera’s songs are always born of protest and politics, no matter how calm and collected they may seem on the surface.

That’s even true of the beautifully romantic new track ‘Love Is Meant For You’, a simplistic yet devastatingly vulnerable-sounding song about confessing your true feelings to your crush. The difference is that Piera is a member of the LGBTQ+ community, where love is often an act of resistance. 

The sweet and romantic celebration of love is so perfect in this video – just a couple of ladies walking along a beach holding hands, being happy and in love is an act of beautiful rebellion. 

“I want this song to ooze love, joy and PRIDE! Anyone can love and be loved. As a proud member of the gorgeous LGBTQ+ community I’m so happy to share this track and most importantly give out love to you all. I believe it’s so important to reveal your true self and your true feelings to the one you like most. I know it’s freakin’ scary, but I believe it’s a risk worth taking!”

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Written by Emma

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