Liam James Collins Shares 4 Mindset Tips Needed to Become A Successful Life Coach

If you are enthusiastic about life, have a passion for helping others reach their full potential, and want to start your own business, you may want to consider learning how to become a life coach. In recent times, the profession has become increasingly mainstream, and you might have seen a social media page or two for a life coach who is promoting their services. For Liam James Collins, this dream has allowed him to work with different people and help them transform their lives and that of others. 

As a life coach, Liam is the co-founder of the Coaching Masters, an online academy that trains and accredits other life coaches worldwide. Liam shares some of the ways things he teaches his students who are enrolled to become life coaches.  

Changing your mindset by finding your purpose

As with any attempt to become an entrepreneur, our mindset must demonstrate that we are becoming successful. To improve their mindset, Liam encourages entrepreneurs to find their purpose. This can only happen when an entrepreneur truly knows what their values are.

Focus on creating change

The second mindset tip that Liam helps people focus on is creating change in their life or business. “Coaches are in the business of change. If a person doesn’t want to change, then a coach is useless to them. People only need the help from a coach when there is something in their life and business that has become too unbearable in its current state.”

Build confidence

The third step in changing their mindset is to help them build confidence. Liam believes that self-confidence is developed, not designated. Confidence is not designated in rations. It’s built. You can build confidence by understanding both self-doubt and moments of self-confidence. Once an individual understands the things that make them confident, they can continuously repeat them. 

Break down limiting beliefs

The final step is to help entrepreneurs and others break down the limiting beliefs holding them back for years. Liam teaches his students that there are only ever two types of beliefs.

Empowering Beliefs, which are things we believe to be accurate, help project us towards success, happiness and fulfilment. Limiting beliefs are things we believe to be true, but they hold us back, keep us down and upset us. “We all have limiting beliefs. However, we can break them down and replace them with something a lot more empowering. This is a vital thing to do because limiting beliefs are the number one barrier that stands between us and taking the necessary action to be successful.”

Once individuals understand these mindset tips, Liam then helps them to put them into practice. When Liam takes people through all 4 of the mindset and coaching techniques, they become unstoppable.

These tips have helped Liam build a 7-figure coaching business in the Coaching Masters, and many of Liam’s students have attested to their success by using this program. Becoming a life coach can be an enriching yet challenging career path. However, if you have the zeal for life and a willingness to help others change and improve, it is worth a try. 

Written by CelebMix