Liam Payne Deserves More Love and Appreciation

Liam Payne is the most unappreciated member in One Direction. Why? I have no idea. Liam is the one who always sticks up for the fans, no matter what. He always tries to do whatever he can to make them happy and cheer them up, but that appreciation doesn’t last long. It seems to last for a little while, but then they go back to disliking him for whatever reason. Every time Liam says something that people don’t agree with, they always pick it apart and take it personally. They take it personally even when it has nothing to do with them.

There is no doubt that there is a big double standard between Liam and the rest of One Direction. He always gets talked about in such a negative way when he does something, but when another band member does something similar, it’s not as big of a deal. We think they use the saying “oh, well that wasn’t actually him who said that..,” but when it comes to Liam, everything that is posted on his social media and every word that is printed in a magazine is all him.

There are times that all members of One Direction have said or done things that they shouldn’t have, but people move on and forgive them. When Liam says something that he shouldn’t have said or does something that he shouldn’t have done, people don’t move on and they definitely don’t forgive him. Actually, they bring it up every chance that they get. Obviously not everyone is going to like Liam and that is fine, but how can you dislike someone so much when all they try to do is make you happy?

There is no denying that Liam Payne is a very talented human being. He has the most amazing vocals and he can pretty much sing any type of song, no matter what the genre is. When One Direction are on tour, he always tries to make sure that the fans are having a good time. He doesn’t just stand there and sing, he always tries to put on a good show. Liam always gets a lot of hate for being one of the most talented (if not the most talented) guys in One Direction. People always say that he tries to outshine the others, that he does too much, and that he always wants attention. He shouldn’t have to stop showing his talent just because a few people don’t like it.

One thing that is very well known in the One Direction fandom is that Liam writes a lot of the songs for One Direction’s albums, but for some odd reason, Liam never gets the credit that he deserves. There are lot of people who push aside all his talent and hard work and only focus on the other writers. It’s okay to acknowledge the other writers, but it’s not okay to erase Liam from the songs that he helped write. All of the writers including Liam helped write those songs and made them what they are.

The only time Liam is respected by One Direction fans who aren’t exactly fans of him is when he does something that benefits them. For example, there are some fans who only love him when he reads fan signs that pertain to a certain ship. How nice would it be if people liked and respected him because of who he is as a person and not because he does something that they want?

Just recently, there was a fan who thought it would be a good idea to give Liam a letter telling him things that they didn’t like about him. Although he hasn’t commented on it, we can only imagine how that made him feel. Everyone knows that Liam is very sensitive and he takes a lot of things to heart, so why in the world why you give him a letter telling him things that he should “work on”? How would you feel if a stranger came up to you and gave you a letter telling you things that you should change about yourself? Someone who doesn’t personally know you and have never even spent more than 10 minutes with you? We think a lot of people forget that the only difference between celebrities and “normal” people is that celebrities are more well known. People don’t realize that they also have feelings, they get upset about things, and they mess up sometimes, but that’s what makes them human. Stop putting them on a pedestal just because they are famous.

There was a time when Liam used to be so active on social media, but now we are lucky if he post once a week. The reason why he isn’t as active as much as before is because he knows that people will turn whatever he says into something else. He knows that people don’t appreciate him as much as they appreciate the other guys in One Direction. We admit that sometimes Liam does end up saying the wrong things and that he is very defensive, but it’s not right that he gets called trash, homophobic, and annoying every time he does something.

Liam always does whatever he can to make the fans happy and it’s sad that people don’t appreciate that enough. He always goes out of his way to thank them and he never forgets to mention how grateful he is for this opportunity. He is a nice person, a great singer, very talented, and an amazing human being. Why is it so hard to understand that Liam deserves more love and appreciation?

Written by CelebMix