Liam Payne Makes X Factor Stage Solo Debut with new Single ‘Bedroom Floor’

There are some moments in the career of every artist that go down as the ‘big’ moments. From their first live performances to their first number ones, first tour dates to the first sold out arenas and the awards won for their hard work and dedication. Those moments always mean something incredible to the artists and fans alike. So when Liam Payne recently took to the X Factor stage to perform his newest single, one of those moments was being born.

If you thought it was exciting as a fan to look forward to this moment for Liam, he was even more emotional when it came to his X Factor solo debut. Just years ago, his career started on that stage, as did the wild and beautiful ride with his four best friends as One Direction. Their life-changing experience together united fans across the world and, as individuals and as a group, their story has just begun.

Liam’s solo career has been incredible so far, with all of his songs being bit hits with fans, but there’s something special about Bedroom Floor. The track is sensual and relatable, haven’t we all been caught in limbo with someone before?

His performance of the song was absolutely stunning and, as we said above, all the more meaningful because it was on that infamous stage. The crowd gave him a standing ovation after he finished the tune and the look on his face was one of extreme pride and gratitude. We love seeing those moments as fans of Liam, he’s worked hard for them.

You can watch the episode with Liam’s performance here.

What was your favorite part of Liam’s X Factor performance? Are you as excited as we are to hear what’s next? Let us know.

Written by Ashley

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